Looking for an instant answer to a question?

We’ve tried our best to answer some question that may help you prepare for your design project or be ready for a design quote and brief.

What should I have ready for Cornelius James Branding?

Be sure to gather any inspiration you have. We love to see examples from Pinterest, Social Media, magazines, friend’s websites or any company profiles that you’ve been saving. You should also pull together a description of the design you want to adjust with your corporate identity or brand. What’s not working? And, how would you like the design to be received as well as the impact it should have? In addition, we would love to know your goals for your project and your business.

What kind of goals should I set for my design project?

We like to see what your goals are in any project, but it can often be confusing to know where to begin. We can’t stress enough that it is okay if you don’t know how to make something happen. That is what we are here for. We just need to know what your goal for the design is. Examples could be: more visitors to your website, better engagement on social media, a place to show your portfolio, have people attend and event or a cool website that tells your future clients everything about your company. The more detailed you can get, the better we can present a solution to you with different options.

Do I have to pay Cornelius James for the initial consultation?

No, not at all. We will quote for our projected creative solution and you decide. Generally, we try to customise our creative design solutions to suit your budget while doing our best to meet the objectives of the project. It is important to note that there is always a trade-off between quality and cost.

Do I need to have a budget set before I meet with Cornelius James Branding?

We understand that it is often hard to guess how much a project will cost. This often results in a resistance to share your budget. However, we find that typically our clients have at least a general idea of what they want to spend. We encourage you to share that because it gives us a framework to start with. We can then ask if there is any extra page or design in the budget if it’s needed. We can work together to create phases for the project so we can accommodate your budget now and create future plans to expand when you are able.

How soon can I see some from Cornelius James Branding?

We’re pretty quick to meet with potential clients. Call +27-11-510-0013 or go out our contact page and email us. Let’s get chatting

Does Cornelius James Branding only work on large projects?

We actually design for all different sizes of projects from helping you to redesign your business card or website, to creating an annual report, all the way up to brand repositioning. We strive to be a full-service company and to meet your needs wherever you are in the design process.

How does your client priority work?

We set up a client queue that follows our design process and our client process. Typically this entails:

  • an initial meeting
  • approved brief
  • quoting and deposit payments
  • concept development
  • presentation and concept choice
  • revisions and fine tuning
  • budget approval third party suppliers (printers, hosts, corporate gifts etc)
  • final presentation
  • balance payments
  • website upload or print deliveries or project CD
  • project completion and photos

Clients move through this queue on a first come, first served basis once the initial proposal is signed. If a client becomes unresponsive during their project, we put their project on hold. Once they re-engage, we put them back into the queue for the next available time.